Saving Space with Narrow Refrigerator

narrow refrigerator

Refrigerators are important home appliance to store food for long period of time. It is a modern gadget to keep food fresh and free from bacterial contamination. Refrigerators come in different forms, sizes and brands. If your kitchen space is small, you don’t need to have a French door refrigerator because it can eat much space.

A counter-depth refrigerator is ideal only in big kitchen area even if it is shallower in size but usually it has 36 inches in width. A narrow refrigerator is most ideal because it can fit to areas with limited spaces. The price of narrow refrigerators varies depending on the brand and they are costly compared to other refrigerator type. The size of a narrow refrigerator looks chic and sleek making it ideal to bachelor’s pad and condominium living. It creates an impression of ultra-modern and contemporary style.

What to look for in a narrow refrigerator?
When you are planning to buy a narrow refrigerator, you have to consider its features so it can give you the best services and convenience in your food preparation. It should be loaded with variety of interior features and accessories such as wide vegetable crisper for your veggies and fruits. It should have gallon, milk and juice door bins, and deli tray for meat, fish, cheese, butter and cold cuts. The sliding shelves are detachable and adjustable to accommodate various food items. The glass shelves should be spill proof in case you unintentionally hit the liquids inside. The wine and beverage racks are easy to clean up in case there is a spillage while opening the cola.
A narrow refrigerator has its own automatic ice makers to keep you from making your own ice cubes. The cooling system is efficient to save perishable items from spoilage. It has its automatic control system to keep cold cuts, ice cream, cheese, butter and meat fresh for weeks to month’s time. When the refrigerator has reached its desired coldness, it automatically defrost without costing much electricity. The compartments for quick cooling gives it the ability to chill the food in few minutes and when it is time to serve it is already frozen.
When you open the door, food items are visible because of the LED lighting that is cost-efficient and you can clearly see from all angles what is inside the narrow refrigerator. It has also the ability to stop the growth of molds because of its coatings that fight off bacteria and fungi. It does not emit foul because it has wide compartment for deodorizer where you can put the baking soda or charcoal for a long time. The drain is big enough to hold the water when you defrost the refrigerator.What brands are available for narrow refrigerator?
There is a wide range of brand selection for narrow refrigerator such as LG, Liebherr, Fisher Paykel, Summit, General Electric (GE), Blomberg, Smeg, and Samsung and in Asian countries you can buy other brands such as Whirlpool, Panasonic, and Sharp. As a conscientious buyer, you need to read customer reviews about these brands so you can select the right refrigerator that is worth your money.


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