Finding a Glass Front Refrigerator

glass front refrigerator

glass front refrigerator

Glass front refrigerators are increasingly becoming the most preferred type of refrigeration for both domestic and commercial purposes. It is now common to find these at all major stores and they are also becoming popular with home owners, with most people moving away from traditional solid door refrigerators and embracing the glass type. They are not only stylish and well designed but easy to use as well and this accounts for the switch from solid door refrigerators to glass front refrigerators. In this article, we take a look at the various types, the benefits, buying tips, the best brands and where to buy them.

Types/ Models of a Glass Front Refrigerator.
There are various types of these refrigerators currently on display. These come in all sizes and designs and with different number of doors and some are more suitable for commercial use than domestic use. However, the major classifications include;

Single door refrigerators. These have one single glass door at the front.
Double door refrigerators which come with two doors.
Three door refrigerators which come with three sliding doors.
Swinging door refrigerators where the person simply opens the door like any other normal door
Sliding door refrigerators where one door slides on top of another to open the fridge.

Benefits of a Glass Front Refrigerator.
When compared to traditional solid door refrigerators, glass front refrigerators present a lot of benefits some of which include;

  • Ability to display your kitchen items. For home owners, the refrigerator helps to showcase your collection of glass ware and cookery, beverages, fruits, vegetables and other related items. For business owners on the other hand, they present a chance for you to show to your customers some of the drinks, foods and beverages you have in stock. In otherwards, it advertises some of your products to potential customers.
  • Add to the beauty of your kitchen. Because of their beautiful design and display capabilities, they can also add an extra sparkle to your kitchen especially if well stocked and organized.
  • Provide additional light. The interior light can help to brighten some dark corners since the glass door allows the light to penetrate out. In most models, you can either turn the light on to give you extra glow or turn if off.
  • Efficiency. Since the contents are easily visible, cooks can easily know what is available and what is lacking and needs to be replenished without even opening the door or fumbling around. The same can as well apply to home owners.

Factors to consider When Buying When Buying a Glass Door Refrigerator.
Before you go out to shop, there are certain things that you need to consider. Some of the factors to consider include;

  • The Compressor location. Some compressors are located at the top while others at the bottom. Each or these orientations has got its own benefits and drawbacks. Models with top mounted compressors though are the best as they prevent the hot air from drifting back into the refrigerated cavity.
  • The purpose of the refrigerator. Before you even contemplate buying one, consider the purpose for which you are buying the equipment. Some sizes are better suited for commercial use while others are specifically built for home use. It would be unwise to buy an extremely large sized freezer for home use and vice versa.
  • Size of the available space. Since they come in various sizes, it is advisable to buy one that will efficiently use the available space that you have. For example buying a very large one for use in a small kitchen would not be wise as it will occupy almost the entire kitchen leaving it looking untidy.
  • Opening style. You can choose between sliding doors or swinging doors. Though the choice is a matter of preference, sliding doors tend to be more convenient and help in eliminating congestion issues.

The Best Brands of Glass Door Refrigerators.
There are a variety of brands out there making glass door refrigerators in all sizes and designs but the following brands normally stand out from the rest.

  • Blue Air Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Nor-Lake Refrigerators
  • Summit Commercial Refrigerators
  • Avanti Glass front refrigerators
  • Beverage Air
  • Continental and
  • LG etc.

Where To Buy The Best Glass Front Refrigerators.
For some of the best refrigerators, you can visit the sites of some of the manufacturers listed above. However, if you want to compare items from various manufacturers, you can visit the following stores as most of them stock stuff from all the major manufacturers and at relatively fair prices.

  • Food Service Warehouse
  • Sam’s club
  • Amazon
  • Sears
  • Direct Equip etc.

Glass door refrigerators are a must for every modern and trendy kitchen. For you still living in the past with solid door refrigerators, better get yourself one from the above stores and experience the benefits that they come with.

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