Glass Door Refrigerators

Top Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Glass Door Refrigerator

When it comes to buying a refrigerator, your choices are aplenty. However if you wish to have a unique model that really stands out and has your guests thoroughly  impressed, then a  glass door refrigerator is definitely a recommended option. It is also worth the investment.

Some people might say that a glass door refrigerator will not be much different than a regular one. Some others feel they should be confined to commercial locations like grocery stores. However, the fact is that glass door refrigerators offer several unique characteristics that a regular fridge lacks. They have several advantages that make them suitable in simple homes and kitchens!

Here we shall discuss the design and functional advantages that glass door fridge can offer.

Efficiency-Naturally, the biggest advantage proffered by glass door refrigerators is that you can see the food items within without having to open the door. Not only can this save your time, you will also see a big change in your utility bills. Each time we open the door of our refrigerators to search for food items, we are utilizing extra electricity. This naturally means higher electricity bills that can be prevented with refrigerator with glass doors.

Organization-Second advantage of using this model is that, unlike in traditional or conventional units where we often dump food in any available space; with a glass door refrigerator one involuntarily acquires the ability to rearrange the food shelves neatly. This helps one can create a better impression on one’s visitors. Owners of such models also make sure that the beverage bottles and cartons of food are placed neatly in the right places, and that all the internal storage shelves are cleaned and wiped down regularly. Such organization and neatness also helps you locate things a lot faster than is possible in conventional models. It is precisely for this reason that glass door refrigerators, which were initially a staple only in commercial kitchens, are finding their way inside homes of busy professionals who would normally find excuses to not clean their regular units.

Easy cleaning-Furthermore, cleaning these glass door models is a lot easier than cleaning stainless steel refrigerators which make every smudge and fingerprint obvious. The only thing you require is a damp clean cloth and within minutes your glass door refrigerator looks clean, and shiny. Similarly, the inner shelves are also built in a manner that makes it easy to clean them.

Additional Light– Not many people are aware of this advantage. Glass door refrigerators are very useful in lighting up dark kitchens. The interior glow of the light used inside the fridge can brighten dull corners and lackluster walls of your pantry. Patrons who do not wish to have the light on all night also have the option to turn it off.

Elegance and display– The reason why more and more homeowners are opting for the glass door refrigerators is due to the additional display area offered by such models. One can easily take advantage of this extra space to show off their collections of crockery, glassware, fruits, veggies as well as other goodies. One can also opt for coordinated storage containers in order to create an elegant display. Your kitchen gets a ‘sense of openness’ as the glass doors help visually open up cramped spaces and alleviate the heaviness that conventional models invariably bring.  You can also create an ‘upscale’ feel to your kitchen when you purchase glass door refrigerators.

In conclusion

Perhaps the only downside of these units is that it does not offer the door storage space that you get with conventional refrigerator models- so you need to find space for things like butter etc that normally go in the door shelves. Furthermore, these appliances are expensive and also larger models tend to take up quite a bit of space. Thus, budget, space and quality are three things that you must make room for when you decide to choose a glass door refrigerator.

Even if you take these drawbacks into account, the extra elegance and style offered by these models are certainly going to convert your kitchen into an upscale and elegant space. There is a wide spectrum of colors available in these models so these refrigerators can easily fit into any kitchen design. They also score brownie points on the novelty factor. So if you weigh the pros and cons and decide to invest in a glass door refrigerator, chances are that it will become the centre of attraction in your kitchen and a cynosure of all hungry eyes!




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