Comprehensive Guide for Choosing the Best Dorm Size Refrigerator

If you are heading off to college, an essential item you need to consider taking along is a dorm size refrigerator. Such an appliance is an indispensable investment that you simply cannot go wrong with. However, it is very important that you take into account various factors that make a good dorm refrigerator, instead of simply picking the first one you see. In fact; a recent consumer study tested nearly 20 mini and compact sized refrigerators and found problems with most of them. Hence, in this guide, we shall review some top brands of dorm size refrigerators so that students can make an informed decision when buying them. Bu first, here are some features of good quality compact refrigerators.

Key Features of Dormitory refrigerators

  1. Size –First of all; you would want to check out the size restrictions that your dormitory may have imposed on such appliances. Ideally speaking, students need to choose a model that is compact and meets the size limits that have been set down by the school authorities. Naturally, one would also want to account for other important furniture items that the dorm room is likely to have: study-tables, chairs and bed etc. If you already have several of these furniture items, the last thing you would want is a large dorm refrigerator model that would cramp up the room. At the same time, a mini fridge would hardly allow any storage. So, experts recommend selecting a model that is between 1.5 to 6 cubic feet. If you are simply planning to stock up the fridge with snacks and beverages, go in for the smaller size. On the other hand, if you are planning to cook and store meals or even planning to share the fridge between several people, then go in for the larger one.
  2. Cost The cost of the appliance depends on the brand and size. Other features like auto defrost and ice dispensing etc would add to the price.
  3. Other features to look for in dorm size refrigerator
  • Lock facility, in case your room is always open
  • Adjustable shelves so you can stock up items of varying heights
  • Low noise levels
  • Energy efficient for lower bills
  • Ice dispenser facility
  • Automatic Defrost facility
  • Additional work-space on the top of the dorm size refrigerator

Now we shall review some top dorm refrigerators. Basically, small or compact dorm size refrigerators are of two types: ones that have their freezer section inside the refrigeration section itself, and the second category in which the freezer sections are separate.

1) Emerson Compact Refrigerator- As far as the two door models are concerned, the Emerson Compact Refrigerator has received good reviews on Amazon. Available at $229, this compact fridge has a capacity of 3.1 cubic feet. The model comes with a 1-year warranty, needs no special assembling, and can easily hold up to 5 cans, 2 bottles and even a regular 1/2 gallon ice cream tub.  The wire free flat back section helps you set it up against the wall without consuming any extra space. On the downside, some users have experienced a few leaks with the fridge.

2) Sanyo Sr 3770- Students looking for a well designed single door compact fridge will be very satisfied with the Sanyo Counter High refrigerator. This 3-2/3-cubic-foot model comes in manual defrost and that could be a drawback, since you need to remember to defrost it now and then. This one also has a smooth, wire free back that allows it to be placed anywhere you like. There is a vertical can dispenser unit, and shelves in the door that can easily hold 3 half-gallon containers of milk, soda etc.

3) Danby DAR195BL- Students looking for compact dorm size refrigerator below $150 will do well with the 1.8 cubic ft. Danby DAR195BL. This model has received nearly 5 star ratings from several customers on Amazon and has a reversible door hinge for left and right hand opening. Typically used for beverages, this compact refrigerator can stock five beverage cans and can also accommodate eggs, fruit containers and other snacks.

4) Haier HCR17W 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer- For the under $100 category, the Haier 1.7 cubic feet model allows a great deal of storage. It can allow 2 liter bottle storage and also consists of half width freezer section with an ice cube tray. The full width shelf can be removed for easier access to items at the back. It is lightweight and quiet and will suit most of your student needs.

These models reviewed above can be purchased on Amazon and eBay or even at the local stores. Shopping around in a number of places can help you seek the best deal on dorm size refrigerators.


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