Choosing a Cabinet depth refrigerator

Cabinet depth refrigerators or counter depth refrigerators are refrigerators designed to fit flush with standard cabinets by having shallower depths than an ordinary refrigerator. Counter depth cabinet depth refrigeratorrefrigerators are between 25″ to 28 ” which is similar to the depth of a standard cabinet compared to a standard refrigerators that are usually 30″ to 36″ deep. Compared to standard refrigerators, they compensate for the shallow depth by being wider and higher than standard refrigerators. The Cabinet depth refrigerator was introduced into the market by purposes of blending refrigerators into the kitchen. Previously, refrigerators used to jut out of line with counters and cabinets, giving the kitchen an uneven look and often causing bruises as people collided with door handles .Cabinet depth refrigerators gave the kitchen a neat, even appearance without compromising on refrigerator storage space.

The main disadvantage with a cabinet depth refrigerator is that by compensating for shallower depth with width and height, they take up slightly more kitchen space and may be inconvenient for people who are not so tall. Apart from this,a cabinet depth refrigerator is no different from standard refrigerators when it comes to storage space, energy efficiency and convenience feature though unlike standard refrigerators, nearly every cabinet depth refrigerator is energy efficient .A Cabinet depth refrigerator is slightly more expensive than standard refrigerators due to installation costs .Modifications may have to be done to the kitchen to accommodate the fridge which is an additional cost.

Cabinet depth refrigerators can be bought at most local malls and supermarkets or from a dealer cabinet depth refrigeratorwho is directly linked to the manufacturers. They can also be ordered online from online stores, most notably Amazon.

Reviews of the best Cabinet Depth Refrigerators

There are plenty of cabinet depth refrigerators in the market in the US both locally made and imported models.

The LG cabinet depth refrigerator is considered to be the best in the market and have received the highest ratings so far in the US market. The majority of LG cabinet depth refrigerators have quiet ice makers, Noisy ice makers have been a major consumer complaint for a long time and it seems LG has found a way to minimize this. Like most cabinet depth refrigerators, there is an alarm to alert the owner when the door is not locked properly. Many models have alarms that sound like fire or earthquake drills that irritate the ears. Not so for the LG models whose alarm is not as bad as other models. Some models like the LFC21776STS have an internal water/ice dispenser. This gives the fridge a sloth looking exterior. This model also has the 2 French top door and a freezer at the bottom which enhances its look and sets it apart from other models that have the traditional two door design.
Samsung has quite a number of refrigerators that stand out from other models .The Real Stainless 33″ 26 cu 4 door refrigerator is one of them .One of its unique features is that it has a flex drawer in between the fridge and freezer that collects any flood water from above saving you the hassle of opening up the entire fridge. It also has customized temperature control setting for meat products, Cold drinks, snacks and wine. Like most Samsung products, the fridge receives a high energy star rating when it comes to energy efficiency.

Both Samsung and LG have long fridge warranties lasting between 7 to 10 years.
Frigidaire models have good features like the fact that their surfaces do not easily pick up fingerprint smudges and are thus easy to lean up. The water filtration system (Puresource )is an excellent system and is easy to clean and operate. Most models have a capacity of 26 cu thus have plenty of storage. However some models have been found to have temperature control issues thus Frigidaire lovers should do some research on the latest models.

The Bosch fridge models are mainly imported from Europe and until recently, had compatibility issues with American households. However, the models have a modern European look and have adjustable shelves which enable one to design the interior to one’s tastes. It operates quietly and its ice dispenser is not as noisy as most cabinet depth fridges.

Other cabinet depth fridge models include those of Viking, Maytag and Electrolux. These companies mainly make cabinet depth fridges of smaller capacities than LG , Samsung, Bosch or Frigidaire, usually at 20cu which is not enough storage space for the average American family but is more suited for single persons or for those who have not yet started families.

Overall, there are plenty of cabinet depth fridges to choose from in the market and American consumers are spoilt for choice in the variety, price and high quality.

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